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Hardy's Club Lounge

Furnished with comfortable, elegant couches and easy chairs, this classic lounge space is ideal for meeting friends or colleagues, or for taking a quiet break.

Relax with a book or newspaper, or catch up on emails. Order from the bar, or let us make you a cup of tea. Wi-Fi is free to our patrons.


Two big screens and excellent audio make this the best sports bar in Simon’s Town.

Trafalgar is also an ideal venue for audio-visual presentations and workshops. Eclectic seating allow for flexible arrangements.

Combine this with the use of our other facilities when planning your conference or group meeting.


This room is suitable to many purposes; brainstorm ideas, or just have a meeting around one of the beautiful old tables. The warm, colonial ambience and quiet private space makes this venue unique. Horatio’s easily transforms into a very elegant dining room, for private functions and celebrations.


The heart of the hotel, everything branches out from here. Beautifully decorated in classic British “Pub” style, with a strong naval influence, this is where we welcome you to meet our friends and guests.

Lord Nelson Inn
Address: 58 St Georges Street, Simon's Town, Western Cape, 7995, South Africa.
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